Today we went to the school and met Alice, the headmistress. We found out that tomorrow and Friday are holidays, so the children won't be there. So much for 6 days of computer training. The new plan is to teach the teachers tomorrow—16 of them have volunteered to come in on their day off to learn some computer skills. Alice took us to meet the vicar for the Diocese who expressed his appreciation for our visit and encouraged us to return to meet the Bishop later on.

We then took a tour of the Buguruni Health Center and met Dr. Chillo, Dr. Isaac, and John Abonda (and a bunch of others whose names I can't remember). We saw the new hospital building under construction and heard about how many people they will be able to help once it is finished. More than 40% of women need to have C sections, mostly to avoid passing HIV infections to their babies, but the health center cannot perform this surgery. Women who need the surgery must travel to another hospital, and because the ambulance doesn't run, they must travel by private car.



Andrew carle
08/07/2013 4:17pm

Glad to hear that you're at least stable and on the ground. Best wishes from the Wise, Carle and Smedley families!

08/08/2013 6:38am

Hi Guys! So you've already encountered the "Change Of Plans" mantra that is the African experience--just ride the wave, it's totally different than anything you'll ever experience here in the States, so just allow yourself to roll with the punches for this set time--and be gentle with yourselves and each other in the process.
We miss you and can't wait to hear your next update. We send our prayers and hopes for wonderful new friendships and some amazing experiences.
Wes S., Lori P., Priscilla Z., Patty G., Kathy P., Donna W., Jill L., Bob B., Susan H., and the rest of our motley crew here at HC...


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