Dulles to Aids Ababa was 13 hours: three meals, three movies, lights off and on several times to readjust our internal clocks. None of us slept much, but the flight wasn't bad.

We met other missioners on the flight, headed to South Africa and Malawi, and overheard conversations of other mission trips as well. The airport in Adis Ababa felt very third world, though we liked the lounge chairs in the waiting area.

Brianna's suitcase did not arrive with the rest, putting a huge damper on the first day. Everyone is sure it will be along shortly.

Penny, Alex and Cheryl spent an hour and a half making a 10 minute run to the store, while Jack, Brianna and I met a couple of monkeys passing by our cottage. I thought one was going to come down and shake hands!



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