We were back at the school today to teach the remaining students. We were so busy yesterday that we only counted the number of classes ( six 30 min sessions) but did not count the individual students. Learning from mistakes or rather omissions! We figured out that we saw about 250 students yesterday. Most of the upper levels Level 3-6 (ages 9-12). We will do final Level 7 tomorrow. Since their school year starts in January, the terms run from Jan-Jun 1st and Mid July-Dec. The Level 7 will take their national exams in Sept then they will have a break before starting secondary  or vocational school in Jan. We hope since this is their last time here, we can spend a little more time with them and go through a few more things than with the younger groups.

Our continued concern has been that the teachers were not as well trained as we had hoped. They plan to stay after school tomorrow and we will spend more time with them and help them to investigate the Web.  We have tried to think of the best plan to continue with the success of the program and keep the teachers and student still moving forward when we are gone. In discussing with the Headmistress Alice we came up with  the idea of sending one or two teachers to Night Computer class so that they can be assigned computer teachers for the students. Alice is a wonderful manager and the teachers feel very lucky to be working for her. I sent an email to Buck Blanchard today, Head of Mission work at Richmond Diocese asking him if continuing education for the teachers would be within guidelines of the grant. He said YES, what ever makes the ministry successful !! I am so excited!! I think this will help the teachers and students most.
I am most amazed by our own children. Since Alex had been here before, he has felt very comfortable and has helped to be a leader. Brianna and Jack have just fit in perfectly and have been great troopers. They have taught many students and have been very patient. It is wonderful to see our children go and to give in such a way. God has given me a great gift  by having four children, and I hope that I have taught them well.
Maude, Cheryl and I have continued to brainstorm, flex up and down. Communication has been key and everyone has helped equally. I feel that the trip has been a great success at the school but also among ourselves. We hope to bring back lots of stories and all of our smiles so that Holy Cross can see what a wonderful opportunity it is to serve in this mission with the school and Health Centre. Ah, the Health Centre, I will give you all of those wonderful stories tomorrow after clinic and the home village visits. I must go and start our "Apples to Apples Game"  !!1

Blessings, Penny and Alex



Sherri Arnaiz
08/15/2013 8:26pm

If there is internet access in the school I recommend this site for computer training and some other basic subjects. It's free and has a lot of information. The videos are great because you can watch them over and over until you understand the topic! http://www.gcflearnfree.org/


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